Larry Weiss

Product Development and Linescale Research

If you're the right age, you probably wore your Spiderman or Wonder Woman UNDEROOS while eating Cocoa Pebbles or Fruity Pebbles Cereal. Larry created and sold UNDEROOS to Fruit of the Loom. Earlier, in his corporate career, he created The Flintstone's Cereals and Cycle Dog Food while managing the Post Cereal business.

Head of Citibank's Development Division, Larry guided innovation in consumer financial services around the world, including the first customer-friendly ATMs and online banking and investment products. Larry and his team designed the US Postal Service's 24-hour Automated Postal Centers, touch-screen counter clerk systems and website applications.

Linescale Research technology played a large part in making it all work. Larry advises and provides Linescale research for business, product and service innovation and development. Clients include larger companies such as CVS Pharmacy, Aetna, Kraft/General Foods, Citibank, Chase, Priceline, the US Postal Service, Pitney Bowes, Lincoln Center, Jenny Craig, Simon & Schuster and Marriott Hotels — as well as smaller companies and entrepreneurial ventures.

Larry founded Linescale®, a research platform with innovative psychometrics. He has degrees in Philosophy and Psychology and Experimental Psychology and a number of U.S. Patents.

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